Electric ATVs For Kids

Look now, adults no longer have the exclusive domain in ATV (all terrain vehicles) driving.  Kids are just as enthusiastic about them and ATV manufacturers are definitely taking the cue.  While adults see ATV riding as a form of sport or as a way  to complete outdoor tasks faster, kids see it as a recreational activity or play which offers its own brand of fun and excitement.   That being said, it is important to remember some hints since playing or not, kids will be doing the driving.

ATV for kids are typically marketed in ranges depending on the age thus a 50 cc ATV riders should be at least 6 years old, 90 cc ATV riders should be at least 12 years old, and 250 cc ATV riders should at least be 16.  This is to ensure that kids will be able to handle their ATVs comfortably and securely.  An adult ATV is obviously too much for a kid to handle by its sheer size and power and to allow it is inviting accidents to happen.

Electric ATV for kids is a great option to provide eager kids the fun they want and the parents the security they need to make ATV riding a fun activity for everybody.  As opposed to gas powered types, an electric ATV for kids is battery-powered.  It comes with a charger and may come anywhere from 6 to 24 volts.  Although generally categorized as a toy for kids aged 3 to 10, the use of electric ATV for kids demands strict parental supervision to ensure the safety of the children.

Riding an electric ATV for kids is not so different from riding a regular car except that we are dealing with smaller vehicles and younger drivers.  Parents should be looking for electric ATVs that are able to provide excellent control, uncomplicated navigation, and dependable brake system.  These plus a good set of protective gears provide for a safe ride.

An electric ATV is deemed safe for use by kids.  However, they should be a lot safer if they are first taught the basic disciplines of driving appropriate for their age.  Parents should always make sure that the proper precautionary measures are being observed at all times while the child is operating an electric ATV.

At least one manufacturer has made available an electric ATV for kids aged from 12 to 36 months.  Operation is facilitated through push buttons.  A more mature version for the 3 to 5 years old kids is provided with more speed and power.  It has the ability to go through different terrain and to move forward and in reverse for that authentic ATV driving feel.  Just goes to show that no one is too young to enjoy ATV driving.   The activity is also one way of efficiently developing motor skills.

Basic protective gear when using an electric ATV for kids consists of the helmet, chest protector, and safety goggles.  Other accessories such as gloves and knee pads can provide additional protection where needed.  Electric ATV for kids can have a maximum speed of 2.5 mph to 8 mph.  Gas powered ones can go as fast as 25 to 35 mph.  Both options require proper attention to safety.

A gas powered ATV for kids is typically powered by a single cylinder 110 cc air-cooled 4 stroke engine and equipped with fully automatic CVT transmission.  Standard equipments may include headlight, tail light, rear hydraulic disk brakes, hydraulic pressure heavy duty suspension, and 6” tires.  Some models come with safety features such as speed governor, and remote kill.  These features allow parents to stop the vehicle within a specified distance.

Children can enjoy lots of outdoor fun through an electric ATV for kids.  It provides just the right amount of freedom for the young to develop their sense of independence and control without sacrificing their safety.  By following the general rule for age and height appropriateness and exercising due diligence in assessing a child’s readiness to handle an ATV, parents can look forward to providing a safe recreational activity for their children.